Brown Rob Brown has been a multitalented, national travel location photographer for more than 35 years. His photographic career started as a photojournalist for The Los Angeles Herald Examiner in the mid 1970ís.

He specializes in making people feel comfortable in front of his lens, has a great eye, and is a tremendous action photographer. Rob left his journalistic roots in 1984 to photograph the Los Angeles Olympic games for ABC Sports. Working as a freelance photographer, Rob has worked for top sports magazines, teams, ABC Sports and the NFL. He photographed 14 Superbowls and nearly 40 playoff games and 18 Rose Bowl games during his first 20 years. His work continued with ABC Sports, covering PAC 10 football and various Wide World of Sports assignments. Rob traveled extensively, nationally during that period and continued with top magazines and special assignments for the NFL. During that same time, Rob worked as team photographer for the Dodgers and photographed many playoff games and World Series events. Additionally, Rob was hired as a contract photographer in 1986 for USA Today and specialized in stylized portraiture in Hollywood.

Robís passion for the game of golf and outstanding eye for composition led him to becoming one of our nations top landscape and golf tournament photographers and is highly recognized by his peers. Dramatic landscapes with great timing and anticipation are his signature. Robís clients are the top destination golf resorts and private clubs in the country.

In addition to photographing top national destination resorts, Robís other passion is wine. He currently works privately for wineries in California. The same passion for people and beautiful landscapes create dramatic, spontaneous imagery with great mood and passion.